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Dr Bruce and stair climbing

Frankly i am ignorant . I dont know whether Bruce is a doctor or a Mr . Actually being a non cardiologist it doesnt matter to me.   But what i know is the tread mill test done according to Bruce protocol has some degree of accuracy especially when correlated with other tests and risk factors  , is r…

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Explaining CT scan to an engineer

                                                                                              Teaching of each student is a unique experience . Grasping power differs , interest differs , sleeping latency ( how fast falls asleep in class ) varies . Teaching radiology residents is interesting en…

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Spirituality and MRI physics

Hope everyone is aware that each day MRI especially functional MRI is giving new insights into the brain a region hetherto thought could not be studied . Why a person is more altruistic , why another person is more narcissistic all is actively studied by brain imaging . 

Medical physics has alwa…

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Mean median and mode of salaries :healthcare and biomedical engineering

I didnt understand it that day . At that instance I was getting offered a very high pay compared to my  friend in another specialty . He was visibly upset after the interview . And especially considering that he has spent so many sleepless nights being in direct patient care of clinical medicine whi…

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Finance and supermarket visit

The salesman was right at the door of the supermarket and he was promoting potatoes . On one side he was telling about the massive advantage of buying in bulk of potatoes . I told him i dont run a hotel . He again persisted on the health advantages of potatoes . I told him i was a doctor . Then he s…

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The fringe benefits of learning investing

I was eating masala dosa at the open air restaurant . And right next to it was this gigantic gold showroom . In years past the last thought which would have entered my mind would be finance . But this time i was thinking . Is this gigantic impressive shop profitable . Does their financial statements…

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Pharma and healthcare investing fundamentals

With the recent blood bath in stock markets its natural that most people think the stock market is to be feared and should be stayed away from . But actually stocks and companies are fundamental to our economy and directly or indirectly many people are invested in stock markets through shares , mutu…

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Guitar and medical physics teaching

Long ago i was so excited by the song by Coldplay and with a guitar by my side i tried my very best to play it on my own . I tried even the online resources for the same . I failed because though the strumming looked easy , when i played some crude noises came . I needed some guidance but couldnt ge…

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The importance of networking : job hunting and entrepreneurship

                                                                                                     Have you ever wondered why the internet gives answers to any of your questions. One primary reason is its a network of networks . Just like an indiv…

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Healthcare graduates career choices

This period is very exciting for me . Mainly because i am finding in my friend network many people in the healthcare field who have become successful in their area of interest . Healthcare traditionally was viewed as a very straightjacketed area with set career paths . But thanks to the great stride…

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Sensex and you

                                                                      Let me be honest . Long back i thought the most boring thing was to peer at financial newspapers . Years later i realised that it was pure ignorance that led me to that conclusion . For a person …

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helmet statistics

For one of the short modules i teach on scientific writing and biostatistics , i brushed up a lot on sampling theory and statistics . I was amazed at the extent to which this beautiful subject was ignored by most even in the science community . No ,i dont mean the hardcore researchers  for whom its …

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Interview skills training

Is interview skills training a rocket science ? Defintely not . But for a fresher ,you will agree with me that interview skills are more important than rocket science . For the simple reason that rockets will still go to space irrespective of whether you know it or not, because very few people need …

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Viral fever and stock market crash

Two things happened in last few days . The stock markets of india as well as china crashed and i had viral fever . They are both unrelated i know but read on .

For years whenever shares or stock markets are mentioned the average person says thats so risky . Many do realise that some people make l…

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The day in the autopsy room : career guidance

                                                                                                        I still remember that day .In the autopsy room only my teacher , myself and of course the dead body was there . But in my medical undergraduatio…

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The garage of Bill Gates : the job searching process


                                                   I had and have seen many people during the job hunting process . From freshers to experienced they do apply for many jobs and then wait . And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that for most…

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Lessons from my guitar teacher .. short modular training concept

                                                                       These days many of my friends ask me how long have i been studying guitar . Not that i am a guitar maestro , far from it , i can easily accompany most pop songs and also play a few leads . But even as little time as an year back …

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The interviewers shoes : handling interviews

,                                                                            No, i am not implying you should check out the interviewers shoes next time you attend an interview :)  What i imply is in any interview you should try to be in his shoes and think about what he or she wants .  …

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The wild buffalos wife : Biostatistics

What is the probability of getting attacked by a wild buffalo ?  It all depends . Especially on probability calculations . If i am walking through the streets of trivandrum it is near zero unless one of them jumps out from the zoo enclosure . 

But at least once i was thankful to a wild buffaloe…

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Biostatistics the mathematics of life

These days i am intensely dabbling with hardcore statistics . More specifically converting the high end mathematics involved in statistics for healthcare into easily understandable layman language . This is needed as this beautiful subject is a misunderstood subject by most . Its taught in business …

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