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Pharma and healthcare investing fundamentals

With the recent blood bath in stock markets its natural that most people think the stock market is to be feared and should be stayed away from . But actually stocks and companies are fundamental to our economy and directly or indirectly many people are invested in stock markets through shares , mutual funds , portfolio management services .

Though in the short term stocks fluctuate according to market sentiment (markets also have emotions like humans because humans invest in it ) ., in the long term markets behave at least in part to company  fundamentals . This is where some knowledge of finance helps in investing . 

Finance and the numbers they represent are an interesting thing in itself . Just like personal finance a companys finance also can be measured and thanks to greater mandatory transparency lots of information is available freely online . Be it the cash flow of a company , the debt equity ratio of a company or the profit margin growth these can be made available with a click of a mouse . 

Much of the bad name of share investing is because of day trading . Thats highly risky investing and generally dont depend on fundamentals of a company but mainly on emotions . And as everyone knows emotions are nor reliable . 

But medium to long term investing is different . Of course like car racing or driving the car on the city risks are there depending on how you invest in the market . But it would be wise to understand about this field especially for people who are already invested . After all you should know how your hard earned money is invested . 

One of our training modules for healthcare professionals deals with basic concepts of  finance which includes both pharma investing as well as dealing smarter with personal finances and clinic management . For details send mail to or call 8589059190 

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