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The garage of Bill Gates : the job searching process


                                                   I had and have seen many people during the job hunting process . From freshers to experienced they do apply for many jobs and then wait . And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that for most its an anxiety prone period . In psychological terms a sort an exaggeration of the true reality . We all know that most  get a job unless the world is in recession .

However frustrating or exciting  (can it be exciting with the right mindset ? ) the job search process it would be worthwhile if you think about Bill gates and his garage frequently .  Be it Microsoft , Apple or even Walt Disneys early studio most had humble beginnings , didn’t make big money for years and then hit it big .  Of course you may say that’s the entrepreneurs typical story .

But the same applies even to a job hunter especially a fresher . Most will hit it big sooner or later . For some the first job itself may be a jackpot both financial wise and job satisfactionwise . But for many a series of jobs and ultimately over the years a job which is financially rewarding as well as satisfying .

Coming back again to the garage . Though I don’t know either Bill Gates or Dell  one thing I am sure is that they weren’t doing  full time sleeping in the garage . Also I am sure that after assembling  or programming once   they didn’t just sit quiet waiting for a miracle to happen .  Of course they must have been anxious  but  at least partly they channelized their anxiety into creative process .

Sending numerous applications is just one of the steps to applying or preparing for a job . Equally important is networking , preparing for the interviews , in short anything and everything for the ultimate success  weeks , months or even years away  .  Sites like  has numerous articles which gives creative ideas which can help in making you grow . Of course getting abreast of current affairs , occasionally revising technicals , working on your communication skills all can help . And all these things when actually done will increase your probability of getting hired sooner rather than later .

The fresher period when you are searching for a job is like the garage of Bill gates . It should be an exciting place ( difficult I understand  ) preparing in every way possible for the future interview and job . And yes you can sleep everyday after your preparation . Even Bill gates did the same .

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