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Dear Healthcare professional /student ,

We provide a host of short  training  modules useful for the healthcare professionals including doctors ,postgraduate students , radiology technologists ,nurses , biomedical engineers and students .Each module is taught in a highly interactive and interesting manner in small groups of 1 to 4 participants only(unique feature ) so that without fear questions can be asked and subject learned better . The mode of training is ONLINE or offline . 

Courses range from topics like   medical physics including CT and MRI  , radiology basics, handling healthcare interviews   to a host of topics like  biostatistics and pharma investment fundamentals useful for  healthcare professionals.  

These modules are of customized duration so can be easily fit  into the busiest of schedules .  The courses focus on fundamentals with interesting examples and only points relevant to key understanding is taught . 

Typical questions answered in some of these modules are : 

Medical physics module : what is the key parameter which is more important than slices in cardiac CT ?  What are the key principles of doing a brain perfusion scan ? 

Healthcare domain module for engineers : How is a given radiology modality helpful in addressing a particular clinical problem ? How basic understanding of anatomy and physiology of human body helps in day to day workflow in medical device or medical software companies when facing customers ? 

Healthcare interview module : What are the key things important in telephonic interviews compared to face to face interviews?  Tips to prepare a better CV .

FRCR physics module :  what is heel effect ? what is line focus principle ?  How key principles of medical physics help to tackle preparation of this exam  ?  

Healthcare technology for MBA (healthcare ) :  what is a wearable ?  what is telemedicine ? What is RIS, HIS , HIPAA ? What is robotic surgery ? Beginner level biostatistics help for doctors .  Chi square test is no longer a headache  . 

Modules discuss these and much more in an interesting manner with examples 

Who am I ? I am a postgraduate doctor in Radiodiagnosis who has worked as trainer for doctors , biomedical engineers and technologists . Out of my 15 years experience i was completely focussed in training healthcare professionals in india and abroad for last 8 years and before that was interspersed with clinical in addition to teaching in hospitals . These training modules which are customised is a product of interaction with hundreds of students whose needs were told to me be it the senior consultant doctor to the juniormost freshly recruited technologist .  

Where are trainings held : in Trivandrum , capital of Gods own country , Kerala   . Trainings are also given in customer sites depending on needs and number of participants . ONLINE classes available  . 

Please check the links to the modules and  drop in a mail or call for further details giving your details and requirements and which module you are interested in . 

 Email :   mobile :+91-8589059190 

With warm regards

Dr Haroon H Marikar MBBS DMRD DNB
Dr Haroons Healthcare training and Consultancy ,Trivandrum

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