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Welcome to the website . We have a range of modules for your unique requirements and for anyone in healthcare we have some unique training module . Please browse through the overview of the modules and mail me for more information depending on your needs .

Who is the target group of some of these training modules ?

Biomedical engineering students , Radiologists , technologists ,  application specialists in companies , medical software engineers , researchers in healthcare domain , doctors  (please read on the corresponding heading below ) 


 What is the uniqueness of these training modules ? 

Since they are for small groups of one to four persons they can be customized depending on individual needs . Also they are much more interactive than larger groups and helps to learn quickly and efficiently .And lastly no unwanted theory . Every point is discussed is relevant to day to day use in the module selected . Modules are short because the key principles are discussed and the candidate  can use further resources  online and offline to become an expert . But the initial guidance is crucial to know where and how to look . 


What can me as a biomedical engineering student gain from one of these modules ?

CT , MRI , Ultrasound module: This module helps to prepare for interviews in medical device industry in imaging domain . This will be a revision as well as industry specific overview of the modalities . This will act as a bridge between academics and the industry scenario building on the existing knowledge of the candidate . Out of 15 years experience the trainer has extensive experience in both hospitals as well as medical device industry so will be helpful for the fresher to gain knowledge geared towards industry . 

Biomedical interview module :  This focuses on core interview skills , the tips and traps of interviews ,Telephonic interviews and face to face interviews what all things to take care of , real life examples .  In addition being an interviewer who has recruited hundreds of candidates interview skills and CV optimisation will be taught . 


What can me as a radiologist gain from one of these modules ? 

Advanced Radiology module :Cardiac CT and perfusion CT principles are covered  to quickly learn the underlying principles (non vendor specific ) .This  is especially useful where centres upgrade to higher end CT . 

FRCR physics module : a good grounding on medical physics in simple easy to understand manner  and interesting way .   Helps to clear doubts or cover the basics of physics oriented towards FRCR examination . Customisation is the key and depending on the candidate chapter by chapter can be covered or doubt clearing only .

CT and MRI basic introduction  : This module is for the radiologists who are primarily in Xray and Ultrasound who wants to get introduced to CT and MRI . This course can be a bridging course before going for longer duration practical training . This course can be a primary roadmap to tackle CT and MRI making a "complicated " topic simple . First steps will be taught as the focus is on short modules and later he will be in a better position when going for practical training elsewhere . 

\What can me as a Doctor gain from one of these modules ?



Overview of radiology :From why radiologists give contrast in certain cases of chronic subdural hematoma to the newer exciting advances in cardiac CT this module is a birds eye view of the field of radiology . Filled with lots of interesting images this module helps you to give better referrals and also appreciate the field better . 

What can me as a  company employee (application specialist in medical device companies , sales or service ) gain from these modules ?

Imaging module for company employees :For an application specialist especially we have course modules which start at basics to advanced levels of principles of CT which can be extremely useful on the field both to answer customer queries as well as understanding issues in patient-machine interface . Basic concepts like overlap in reconstructions , DLP will  be explained . Being non vendor specific these principles can be applied to any scanner and throughout your career .  Ideally suited for fresh employees .

What can me as a technologist gain from one of these modules ?

Interview module :A good overview of CT , MRI and Ultrasound focusing  on basic principles which is useful both in attending interviews in india , abroad as well as when trying to get into medical device companies

Advanced CT module:  In addition invaluable in centres changing over to advanced CT scanners from base models  . Being non vendor specific this bridging module helps rapidly adapt and increase employability

MRI basics module For those with zero knowledge of MRI one of the modules help to be a starter to this fascinating area .From T1 , T2 , PD and inversion recoveries to gradients this will be a fascinating introduction to this wonderful modality . 

What can me as a medical software engineer or researcher (eg: tumor detection algorithm developer ) gain ?

Medical domain module Though programming is similar healthcare has some unique challenges and a good domain knowledge is important in those working in this area . From medical and radiological terminologies to the technical challenges we offer a better perspective for engineers in this field . Though we don’t teach programming  , programming concepts can be discussed with ease as familiar with programming in C as well as statistical programs like R . And lastly biostatistics  can help any researcher who is dealing with medical data . 

What are the charges like :   Since the courses are customised as well as given in small groups by experienced trainer the charges vary according to the module selected , number of participants and number of sessions and hours .  Send a mail giving detailed requirement so that we can discuss unique value for money pricing for you.  


For customised training modules contact : or call or sms  +91-8589059190