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The interviewers shoes : handling interviews

,                                                                            No, i am not implying you should check out the interviewers shoes next time you attend an interview :)  What i imply is in any interview you should try to be in his shoes and think about what he or she wants .  

Just like each person has a different personality similarly each interviewer has a personality . And depending on his personality he looks for a candidate who fits in with what he looks for . The same candidate who appears extremely smart for one interviewer may come across as oversmart by another interviewer . This is not unusual because just like we have introverts and extroverts , highly knowledgeable subject experts and people who just learn on the go , humorous and not so humorous people there are all varieties of interviewers . And though they all may look similar each one is an individual and sooner or later beyond subject knowledge interpersonal dynamics too come into play to varying extent . 

Though an interview is a transient interpersonal relationship with the balance of power on one side still being a human to human interaction it would be wise to pay good attention to body language of the interviewer . Also its important that you pay good attention to what he or she says to you . This is not implying that you stare long and hard at the interviewer ( thats threatening )  but be relaxed and just like in our day to day interactions observe the reactions to your answers . 

Each of us has a personality and interview being a highly formal situation we try to structure it according to "expectations " . But a very jovial and humorous candidate trying to be the same to a very serious interviewer is often counterproductive inspite of subject knowledge , Similarly a extremely uptight candidate in front of an interviewer who genuinely is humorous as well as very warm to the candidate is also not good . I am not implying you joke around with the interviewer and match him joke after joke but relax visibly to show him that you appreciate his effort and also to show your relaxed side .

Knowledge is important and also dressing smart and being smart is important . But since we are all flexible individuals (with limits of course ) it would be prudent to show the side of us which the interviewer wants .  Being as calm as possible is important even if you face a lion or a deer but behave appropriately in front of a lion or the deer after assessing him . 

And i repeat again .  Dont check out the interviewers shoes if at all its visible . Relax and say the best of answers and like any human -human interaction learn from the situation whatever be the outcome . Best wishes . 

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