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Is interview skills training a rocket science ? Defintely not . But for a fresher ,you will agree with me that interview skills are more important than rocket science . For the simple reason that rockets will still go to space irrespective of whether you know it or not, because very few people need that knowledge ,while most people need some degree of interview skills to land a job . 

Of course , knowledge is very important and also many people with excellent communication skills dont need any training or guidance for facing an interview . But as the countless articles written on the topic in professional forums make it clear the  dos and donts of interviews often helps increase your probability of landing that dream job . 

Just like a sumo wrestler interview has some unique requirements , each domain interview has some unique challenges . The expectations are different and a mock interview often brings out both the strengths as well as weaknesses . And just like lion cubs learn much by play fighting a lot can be learnt before the D day (not Dooms day :)) . 

Though i am in the training arena for more than a decade , im surprised at the small snippets of info i get from my students in various aspects of conducting trainings  . Some of these suggestions are so obvious but escape me because only a third person can see the blindspots of yours more clearly . Just like a good mirror these suggestions help improvement . Similarly  ,get yourself interview ready by getting your strengths as well as weaknesses in knowledge as well as communication skills  evaluated by another person ideally a wellwisher who is knowledgeable and experienced . 

Should you show off that tattoo in your upper back if going for a fashion model interview ? Frankly i dont know . But how to put the volunteering experience which you had and long forgotten in an appropriate place in the CV and also to answer questions about it when attending a helping profession interview i may know a few points . A professional interview is not  a place to hide or lie or even show off  . But there should be no stone unturned in highlighting your strengths as well as knowledge where appropriate . 

For customised trainings in interview skills for healthcare domain freshers including biomedical engineers, technologists and doctors contact / 8589059190


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