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Healthcare graduates career choices

This period is very exciting for me . Mainly because i am finding in my friend network many people in the healthcare field who have become successful in their area of interest . Healthcare traditionally was viewed as a very straightjacketed area with set career paths . But thanks to the great strides in management , biomedical engineering and software and pharma sectors and an economy favoring entrepreneurship i am finding a wide variety of career options for healthcare graduates . 

The most exciting of which is the entrepreneurs who have started medical software startups .. Of course , in a small way this makes me compare them to Bill Gates and Dell, the entrepreneurs who later drove the multibillion dollar computer business . Even a decade back these things were rare in india 

USA was always looked upon as a place of innovation  . A cursory glance through the internet shows the enormous variety of jobs people do there . They are the pioneers not only in entrepreneurship but also in reinventing themselves careerwise . Since self actualisation is one important role of any career i was always fascinated by what different people do there careerwise .

Coming back to Bill Gates , if it was in india a decade back , a person who doesnt complete his graduation and sits down in his garage will be looked down upon . But all great innovations in USA or rather most of it has been not by regular government employees . These days in india too , many youngsters have started experimenting more with their career choices . 

Recently i went to a big sports store to buy high end sporting equipment . I was surprised to know that the salesman was an engineer . He told he had a passion for sports and though a BTech he liked what he did . And though you shouldnt ask a girl her age and a man his income or viceversa i asked and was surprised that his salary wasnt too less even comparable to beginner engineer salaries in some companies . Here passion triumphed over everything . One of my friends is a Harvard alumni and another is a computer specialist and both are doctors .I have many who have done IAS and IPS and in management .  Some of my biomedical engineer students and friends are entrepreneurs who have chucked out 9 to 5 jobs for entrepreneurship . 

Professionals including healthcare professionals in IAS , IPS etc has become a no news item these days because of sheer numbers who are successful in it . Hospital administration is also rewarding those who are more management material . 

My favorite students ( not favoritism in bad sense ) who have come to me for interview skills training and later got placed in multinational companies were Bill gates material  . Each of them was passionate about both healthcare and an area related to it be it the male nurse who got placed in healthcare management in middle east or the ct technician who later became application specialist in Multinational company  . I see Bill Gates in them too .... they were ready to break the status quo and pursue their dream after taking calculated risks .I think i am fixated on Bill gates . I wouldnt have if he had been in a 9 to 5 job or just stuck to routine . 

Would love to know your comments on this topic especially from Bill Gates equivalents in healthcare . 

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