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Guitar and medical physics teaching

Long ago i was so excited by the song by Coldplay and with a guitar by my side i tried my very best to play it on my own . I tried even the online resources for the same . I failed because though the strumming looked easy , when i played some crude noises came . I needed some guidance but couldnt get at that time . For years that guitar was in the shelf (even became my guinea pig shelter for a day :) ) . Years later i got a guitar guru for personalised teaching who showed me the basics of strumming in just a few weeks. And thanks to him and the intense practice effort by me Coldplay has become childs play . Most songs can be easily strummed these days using the same online resources as now all the resources make better sense . 

These days any learning can be of  three ways . Be it guitar , entrance coaching or subject training like medical physics or biostatistics one way of learning is on your own . For some its not only possible but exciting . Only pre-requisite is a strong passion , lots of patience and perseverance . The extreme opposite way of  learning is long term training where every possible scenario is taught usually over a period of years . Of course if you want to be a professional guitarist or a PhD medical physicist this is the way . 

But for many these days there is an intermediate path .That is short term intense training .  For the amateur guitarist who just wants to get a good introduction on basic principles and chord progressions a short training by a guru who customises training for you is beneficial . The same applies to high end subjects like FRCR physics  . Few Radiologists are planning to take PhD in this subject  . But a knowledge of medical physics  becomes very essential when they plan to take foreign exams like FRCR (medical physics for radiologists )  

. Medical physics also becomes important when dealing with advanced CT scanners , MRI and hybrid imaging (PET -CT , PET -MR etc ) . Be it when buying medical equipment as a radiologist expert or when working in advanced scans like cardiac CT or brain perfusion physics becomes important as more than clinical , a sound understanding of physics helps to get a better scan done as well as to give instructions to technologists .  This is where short customised trainings have a role . They help to cover key principles in a much shorter time . 

Here again online resources and textbooks  help but guidance is invaluable in saving lots of time by understanding the basic principles and doubt clarification . Having spent years dealing with teaching both the clinical as well as physics part of scanners and also guiding postgraduates in physics part of radiology examinations , i sometimes feel its like the song by Coldplay . Strumming a guitar is not rocket science , same with medical physics . But learning to strum in the shortest possible time  in a fun way with minimum of frustrations often( not always )   requires a teacher .

We conduct customised FRCR physics classes for radiology postgraduates as well as Cardiac CT and perfusion principles and practical hints (non vendor specific ) for radiologists along with a host of customised short term courses for doctors , technologists and biomedical engineering students  . For appointments at our trivandrum centre  send a mail to or sms or call 8589059190 . 

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