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The importance of networking : job hunting and entrepreneurship

                                                                                                     Have you ever wondered why the internet gives answers to any of your questions. One primary reason is its a network of networks . Just like an individual computer however powerful it is will not have answer to all questions , a network of computers spread over the globe will have answer to all of your questions . 

In the same way , these days especially networking is one way of increasing your job opportunities . Merit is definitely important but networking helps both the recruiter as well as the candidate to get to know each other . In these days though jobs as well as candidates are not difficult to find , getting the right job as well as the right candidate is getting difficult . This is where networking helps to make the demand and supply ends meet  . 

I have blogged earlier on many of my friends who reached great heights in their career many of them through challenging paths . Hardwork and perseverance was definitely there in their success story . But equally important was networking . 

Networking is not knowing somebody to get back door entry into a job .  Far from it , networking enables to know about the various opportunities available at the right time . Even today many jobs are not advertised except locally . Also with the information overload these days many a job will be missed by the potential candidate . But any opportunity getting missed by a group of networked people is rare especially if they all know your unique requirements as well as talents . 

During my undergraduate days i had a book business as a hobby . I still remember one of my MBBS teachers Dr Joy Philip who found it interesting and used to introduce me to his friends and one additional line he used to say is I had an entrepreneurial venture . Though it was decades after that i started some of my entrepreneurial ventures in radiology as well as training , the importance of networking was drilled even then . People should know so that some unique requirement of someone is fulfilled by you . In professional networking sites like linkedin , large number of professionals network . 

In someways getting selected in campus interview is bad . Because you miss out on the opportunity as well as challenges of networking and the real job hunt process . Of course at the fresher stage its  frustrating when not placed by on campus selection , but sooner or later in a career span of 30 to 40 years you will need the networking skills . And in a way its good to get that experience right when out of college . 

So freshers as well as experienced people out there Network . Communicating and being mutually useful is always beneficial for all and remember to let me know your views on this topic . 


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