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Lessons from my guitar teacher .. short modular training concept

                                                                       These days many of my friends ask me how long have i been studying guitar . Not that i am a guitar maestro , far from it , i can easily accompany most pop songs and also play a few leads . But even as little time as an year back i was minimal  in guitar knowledge and also to tell the truth my guitar was so unused that once a pet animal almost made its cover its temporary home . 

I still remember his first visit to my home and his first question .What i wanted to learn in guitar ?  The point was except for the most initial lessons the short but intensive lessons were highly customised and very selective . The aim was to learn chords (around 10 )  quickly so that most common pop songs can be accompanied . Thanks to him after around 8 to 10 classes i could easily play many songs as well as use further resources for learning on my own . 

This was not my first guitar learning attempt but this was the best attempt because the course was highly customised and  short . Though i am in the teaching field for 15 years in high end complicated subjects like cardiac radiology and perfusion physics these classes were an eye opener for me . No subject can be taught in its entirety even in a lifetime .But a good introductory module  in a few hours which is highly customised , interesting and in a relaxed training atmosphere followed by further learning can make even rocket science simple .

Though i dont teach rocket science  a lot of topics which are of interest to doctors  and biomedical engineers which are seemingly complicated like biostatistics , finance basics are easily taught if they are made customised , interesting and short . As they say you dont need a trainer to teach you to swim the entire english channel step by step . If he or she can teach you to swim for the first three metres properly the rest you can do for sure . Even in the short span it was great to see few hours of training impacting life of students be it better finance management or handling interviews better  depending on module taken . 

Would like to know about your concept of learning especially since these days there are so many ways people learn with varying degrees of success .

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