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Radio - holiday

I am biased  about thiruvananthapuram , the capital city of Gods own country kerala .  But recently i am meeting many people including my students who say trivandrum is one of the beautiful places they have seen . Having lived in this city and visited its tourist attractions ( more than 50 touristy spots )  i couldnt agree more . It has more touristy spots easily accessible from the city centre than many other cities . And within a 2 hr car ride options widen further from nature treks to world famous beaches to palaces . 

When i started my training venture and also started giving trainings to hospitals in trivandrum i never thought about this angle . Of course for a local student be it a doctor or biomedical engineer it doesnt make a difference but for the student coming from another city or state its a great opportunity to learn the nuances of CT scans or MRIs or their choice of healthcare topic and then in the evenings visit or escape :)  to the touristy attractions of trivandrum . 

I have encountered many who go even abroad for trainings or conferences but spend all their time within four walls of the conference hall . Actually there is no point in travelling like that  considering the airfare costs and hotel costs . If a conference or training is conducted that place should be explored . I strongly encourage my outstation students to explore the city after classes . Actually i find that helps them be fresh in the next day especially in multiday classes covering many modalities . 

Though terms like radiobiology and radiodaignosis is our areas of interest i think Radio -holiday( combining radiology classes in daytime  and holidaying in the evenings ) wont be a bad idea with customised courses which are subject  intensive ( mainly CT and MRI  and medical domain trainings )   but which gives sufficient time for an evening dip in kovalam beach or a stroll in museum grounds or near kanakakunnu palace .  Welcome to Gods own capital thiruvananthapuram . 

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