Dr Haroons Training Centre

MRI applications training and consultants

Though each of  the students or customers in the training field i interact with are interesting ,I really get fascinated when i show around the latest MRI applications to consultants of different specialties , Especially I  enjoy it ,because its a two way learning process . Because though in MRI applications i know ( or supposed to know :) ) more than them , when interacting with each specialist i learn more about their specialty , its challenges and recent clinical advances . 

Being referral consultants ,its nice to know when they appreciate radiology reports . But when some of them say so before ordering a specialised radiology scan we should and will talk to the radiologist first i feel happy that they appreciate the complexity as well as the amazing development in imaging field which happens every year . From iron quantification in liver which may be helpful in certain blood diseases to imaging in leukemia there are umpteen number of areas where knowledge of  the radiology armamentarium is useful for the referring consultant . 

Maybe its mere coincidence but a walk in kovalam beach with my friend doctor from germany made me aware that in europe consultants have mandatory trainings which lasts for more than a week without which they cannot refer a patient for radiologic investigation . With all the quality control systems happening in india hopefully such trainings become widespread in india too . On a lighter note , both of us ( me and my friend doctor ) are not nerds . This discussion of  radiology was only 1 percent of our conversation in kovalam beach . Rest was metaphysics :)  

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