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Feedbacks in trainings

How good are you as a trainer ?  Though we all would like to believe we are good or bad or somewhere in between its upto the student to rate you . Of course this doesnt mean a bad teacher shouldnt have the satisfaction of teaching or that students are always right . But just as statistics do give a clue feedback from multiple students always give some idea whether your trainings are effective . It may be ego boosting or ego bashing but as a  teacher one of your aims is to be effective in your teaching which is more important than even infinite amount of knowledge , Even if you are world number one in  knowledge if you cant convey it effectively to the student you are not a good teacher . Either improve or dont train others . 

Long ago i was offered a four figure amount for an hours class in a leading biomedical engineering college . I still remember me telling please allow me to collect detailed feedback from the class instead of the remuneration . Of course a certificate too . Though that was long ago those forms are still with me and i feel really happy seeing it .

The same goes with endless questioning from many students when you take classes . Though unwritten feedback that shows they were listening to your lecture instead of drawing pictures or sleeping . Teacher evaluations these days are taken seriously but still overall i still believe feedback is vital for a trainer . 

In our predegree class and even rarely in MBBS classes some teachers used to get paper rockets . I promise i never had sent one but thinking back was it just naughtiness or an ineffective teaching which promoted some people to devote more time in paper rocket construction than listening to the lecture . I dont know . Anyway get feedback when you do any training activity  . Paper rocket construction and aerodynamics we will  have a separate class :)  

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