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The diamond search ---interview process

Its so fascinating the process of interviewing people . Its remarkable to see the consistency of people who show the same strengths and weaknesses exhibited during the interview process once hired .. This makes all the more important the hiring process rigorousness in that the interviewer should ask the right questions to the candidate so that only those who have the  required strengths are hired . 

Of course there is no perfect candidate . But its important that the interview process identifies the person who has the skills which will make him a better fit for the given organisation .The candidate requirements for a commando or a front office manager are way different and its important that the interviewer identifies the key strengths of the candidate . 

In healthcare field a zest for knowledge is a very important strength which is needed . In a  field like healthcare which changes so fast , more than existing knowledge , the interest in acquiring new knowledge is more important . I used to regularly look at the body language of people when they are corrected when they tell the wrong answer . An overdefensiveness when the candidate is clearly wrong in his answer and it is pointed out is a negative trait in any interview . But in healthcare this overdefensiveness not only causes costly mistakes on the job but also repeating the same mistake many times . 

In retrospect it is so funny when in just the few minutes of the interview so much of the knowledge as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate are shown during the interview . The only prerequisite is the interviewer asking the right questions in eliciting responses which bring out the strengths and the weaknesses . Do i sound like an interrogator in police interrogation ?  Even the most friendly interview should have enough pertinent questions both technical and communication skills eliciting to bring out the difference between  different candidates .

Though i dont train in any magical success formula for getting hired in one of my course modules for biomedical engineers and technologists  at i do concentrate on minimising the negative traits or at least being aware of the negative traits and also enhancing the strengths including domain knowledge in getting hired . 



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