Dr Haroons Training Centre

Student personality and the trainer

I enjoy each of my training sessions . It is not only because I get to do the job I love but also because each of my students (mostly doctors and biomedical engineers ) come with a unique background and personality . Being a human -human interaction it is inevitable that both the trainer as well as the student understands some aspect of the others personality . Its fascinating to watch especially if you are interested in human psychology to observe how in small ways people show the extent of their focus , patience , humor etc .

Recently I was surprised when both  of my student duo both doctors asked me to take a break . I usually give  short  breaks to my students after 45 minutes to an hour and a longer break later . But this time they were telling they don't need a break and if I need one I can take it. . And I am not teaching the plot of a Hollywood movie but subjects in CT and MRI which though interesting is not as gripping to hold attention for 3 hours flat . I mentioned it after the class about their focus but frankly I was really impressed about their focus . I am sure this same level of focus will be there in their career .

I have been fortunate to teach MRI applications in various specialties to some leading consultants in Trivandrum and again though I take shorter sessions for them , its easy to see why some of them are very successful in their practice . The way they ask questions , their humility , their focus which gets reflected in the interactive training sessions could be the reason they are successful in their practice .

Medicine including  radiology is advancing by leaps and bounds . A humble attitude and a curiosity towards learning , asking questions , and focus is of utmost importance if want to really make a difference in these competitive times .

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