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Rise of the machines ----Terminator 3 movie and radiologists


The key success of Terminator movie was the fight between machines and humans and the ultimate success of humans . In an increasingly technology driven world sometimes we wonder if machines will take over one day in the far future . Robotics has really taken off and many of our machines are computer controlled with minimal human intervention . 

In medicine computers and computer driven technological wonders like CT have revolutionised the subject . And these days we have softwares which help radiologists diagnose disease with the aid of computers . Computer Assisted or Aided Diagnosis(CAD )   is one key area . In many scenarios they work as second readers increasing the diagnostic accuracy of radiologists . Notable areas are lung cancer and colon cancer and also it has made inroads in mammography . 

Increasingly these days doctors look to technology to help them increase their accuracy and radiology is not exception . But here too using all the features available in the technological systems at hand is still a challenge . Medicine was and is still a biology oriented subject . Of course as long as the human being is made up of cells ( a biological unit ) and not microchips biology and pharmaceuticals will be a key knowledge area for doctors .But increasingly doctors are called upon to be aware of all the technologies which help them aid in diagnosis and treat patients . 

As a referral physician its imperative therefore to understand all the available technology driven tests and therapies . This looks simple but understanding when to order which technology and that too which specific advancement of a given technology is a challenge unless the doctor keeps abreast of all the new technologies . eg : Non contrast MR angiography  , elastography etc . 

As a  radiologist the challenge is to fully utilise the technology at hand for a given clinical question . Current CT scanners and MRI comes loaded with a lot of features and specific applications and its imperative that the radiologist is familiar with all its features . 

Future is exciting as well as challenging in both medicine as well as radiology . And unlike Sarah Connor ( i hope the name is right from terminator movie )  we dont have to run away from technology or cyborgs,  but towards it . To the age of 100 percent accurate diagnosis ad treatment , technology driven of course ......... I will be back :) 

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