Dr Haroons Training Centre

New courses and old courses

The last few months have been very challenging for me . Challenging not in the bad sense but in a very good sense . I increasingly train students for competitive exams and this makes me prepare as hard as the students themselves . I refer a lot , burn the midnight oil .  This is because compared to teaching students for regular exams , competitive exams involve really being on top . I mean like a car made to accelerate to the top speed . Its challenging but exciting . 

I do take classes for some exams  australia  and  canada  in addition to FRCR all primarily focussed on radiology physics part , radiology anatomy part etc . These classes are primarily for radiologists and radiology technologists .

Increasingly I have got takers for MBA in healthcare domain also  and the biostatistics part has been introduced in an easily  understandable and digestible format .  I am thankful to the doctors who are both senior and junior who used my services in learning tough subjects . 

Nope i am not jack of all trades ( who is jack?? :)  ) but still feel free to ring me up in case you find any of technical subjects related to radiology , radiology physics or biostatistics , including some healthcare MBA subjects too difficult in exams . For those outside kerala classes can be arranged through online . 

All the old courses including MRI basics , cardiac CT , MDCT basics , FRCR part 1 trainings are there in addition to the newer courses .  Customised levels of training as well as duration depending on the individual student in very small batches . Your  feedback is more important than anything . 

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