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Healthcare interviews

Long ago when i used to write exams i used to take a sketch pen with me . Whether writing kilograms of answers :)  or even otherwise i used to take short breaks and used to underline the key points with the sketch pen . I am not sure whether that is allowed in current exam rules but that was the beginning of presentation skills for me . 

In an interview , including in healthcare field , your knowledge is definitely important . But more important is the presentation of that knowledge . Most of the interviewers look for clarity of thought , approach to a problem when assessing a candidate . Though its natural for the candidate to feel that his answers absolute content as well as the proverbial smart dressing is important  (they are definitely important )  how the candidate presents his knowledge is very important . 

A few years back i did an interview of a radiologist , an experienced one . His knowledge level was good . His communication was ok . Because of ample time on that day i asked him to write a report on a case . Usually we dont ask to write reports as part of interviews ,. But that day just for curiosity we asked him to write a  "brief"  report on a scan .  The report was so extensive and took a long time .(really long time by even reporting standards  )  .  In an interview as well as in any job scenario the presentation of your knowledge appropriate to the question asked is very important .  When short and precise answers are expected make sure that your knowledge is expressed accordingly . When asked for detail explain in detail , but again clearly and easily understandable form . 

In healthcare settings especially depending on job profile some skills has to be highlighted . Humility as well as flexibility can be demonstrated along with smartness . Over the years i have seen very knowledgeable candidates who can articulate well their knowledge but humble . And paradoxically met some who make the interviewer feel he is the candidate  with their arrogance . Over the years it was surprising to find that the latter group usually lacked knowledge in the field too . So as expected hiring decision goes in favour of the humble and knowledgeable candidate . Healthcare settings are highly people oriented fields . Often with humility a tough situation in the job can be resolved . Because interviewers in healthcare setups are familiar with this scenario they generally do look for candidates who are knowledgeable and smart but humble . 

Healthcare interviews are not rocket science . Actually they are easier than most exams if you go with the right attitude . Can even enjoy one inspite of beating heart :)  And lastly if you forgot to ask .. that radiologist i mentioned was hired by the way . But in one of the next blogs i will mention the key killers of interviews . I mean the deal breakers ..Watch this  space ...

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