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Happy doctors day .. new customised modules only for doctors

The forthcoming week of doctors day we are pleased to announce two  integrated customised modules for doctors . It will include  two topics which you can use with immediate effect . One is blogging and personal medical website designing . This is in addition to digital medicine and recent advances in digital medicine module . This is useful for the minimally tech savvy doctor who wants to enter into blogging and perhaps want to have his personal or medical website in addition how to design on their own .


Second module which is a standalone module is designed for doctors who want to learn fundamentals of healthcare companies investing . Key concepts of assessing pharma shares using company balance sheets available online  (not rocket science :)  )  will be explained in an interesting manner including PE ratio,  OPM growth , debt equity ratio etc ( maths knowledge  needed is simple division and addition  ) . Of course this will include fundamentals of personal finance using concepts like inflation , long term and short term capital gains tax etc . Again this module is for minimally finance literate professional who wants to know some fundamental principles of finance which is also a science by itself . 


Both these are short term (4 to 8 hours  ) modules for professionals pressed for time , personalised ( i know doctors hate lectures , being one  myself )  ,interactive .Only prerequisite is having touched a computer once and the only contraindication is a deep knowledge in these fields or a total lack of interest in these fields . Please feel free to drop me a comment or use the form on right side to send me a comment . 

Trainings only by appointment . Classes based in trivandrum at present . 

Dr Haroon Marikar 

mobile : 8589059190

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