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beyond spinning : MRI and sufiism

Recently i saw a video of a sufi whirling in google . It is a worship dance symbolic in many ways of planetary motion and shedding of ones ego . Anyway it is awesome to watch and watch it either live or in google . The spinning motion and its symbolism is not a new thing and from spin of planets to the spin of protons in human body the spinning is found in so many amazing natural phenomena . 

Of course many of these spinning motions is quantified by physics and the spinning of the protons and later its precessional movement in the magnetic field of MRI scanner is one of the basics of MRI imaging . What will happen if there was no spinning motion of protons . MRI imaging will cease to exist and there will be no MRI images with its phenomenal image contrast helping in diagnosis of diseases from stroke to cancer and beyond . 

Just like if the sufis stop spinning it ceases to be a dance , the stopping of spinning of the earth will cause perpetual day or perpetual night and either case will be fatal to the entire mankind . 

Let me be honest , inspite of extensive reading on many many topics i hadnt read much on sufi dance till recently . The same goes with MRI . Though most radiologists report on MRI images few go in depth about this amazing scanner . The reason is you can go about day to day life easily without knowing what is sufi dance or about MRI spins . But knowing more about these will increase your passion for these things and maybe galvanise both your career and life . 

Nope i am not going to sufi dance from tomorrow , But i will incorporate the spinning concept when i teach about the protons in body interacting with MRI magnet when teaching MRI fundamentals . And maybe learn some sufi music too as a hobby . 

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